Camel Coat

Alice Temperley cape coat1. The Alice Temperley Cape Coat

Shop-now-buttonA beautiful Cape for that Celeb look!



Mix stich Camel Coat2. The John Lewis Wool Cashmere Mix Stitch Detail Camel Coat

Shop-now-buttonA Well tailored Professional look for this Winter



Gerard darel Camel Coat3. Gérard Darel Camel Coat

Shop-now-buttonThe classic trench Coat



damsel in a dress camel coat4.Damsel in a Dress Harrington Camel Coat

Shop-now-buttonA classic style with this Harrington Coat



precis petit camel coat5. Precis Petite Fur Collar Camel Coat

Shop-now-buttonThe faux-fur collar coat from Precis Petite is a wardrobe-must have this season.


 6. John Lewis Maria Hooded Cape Camel Coatjohn lewis camel coat

Shop-now-buttonA  luxurious cape coat from John Lewis.



jigsaw camel coat7.Jigsaw Funnel Neck Belt Camel Coat

Shop-now-buttonEffortlessly versatile funnel-neck coat in a fine wool blend.



hobbs camel coat8. Hobbs Eliza Pea Camel Coat

Shop-now-buttonChannel winterwear chic with a beautiful Eliza pea coat from Hobbs.



9. Jaeger Drop Shoulder Camel Coatjaeger camel coat

Shop-now-buttonA draped construction and double-faced wool fabric.



 fat face camel coat10. Fat Face Harrogate Hooded Camel Coat

Shop-now-buttonThis classic mac by Fat Face has had a casual twist.



The background of the famous Camel Coat

Fashion is a dynamic aspect of modern day life. It changes so often and you have to keep up with it. The Camel coat is one of the must have tailored coats that you must have. It is an outfit contrived from the hair of a camel. To be specific, Bactrian camel is the main source. Coats made from camel hair got the job done by giving a person a classic good look. That, however had a disadvantage because it’s a bit rough. Designers came up with the idea to add modern fabric on the coat. Alpaca and wool are the modern preferences to blend with the camel hair. This makes the coat extremely smooth on the skin that is what most people appreciate.
Various Aspects to Look At Before Getting a Coat
Before purchasing a camel coat you should look out for specific features that will help, you make a wise decision. The first feature is fit, a fitting coat is better than loose hanging. This is particularly important to women to bring out their body shape. The height of the coat is also important. A long coat, and by long I mean just below the knee will portray a taller figure. The fabric used in making the coat. Wool and alpaca are put together into the fabric in different proportions, more wool mean a lot warmer and if cashmere is added, the softness is even better. The details on the coat are also a key factor. Some have fur collars and dropped shoulders. Others have a full neck while some may have a wide neck.
Camel coats are undoubtedly one of the most efficient coats to have. It serves many purposes like to keep you warm while at the same time it is fashionable and trendy. The coat mostly comes in neutral colors that give an impression of being earthly and radiant.The price should not be an obstacle because of the great quality that you will get out of it. Many companies sell their coats online but we guarantee you that you will get your money’s worth. We have a wide range of camel coats on our online store.

The coat accommodates both genders. It gives men a classic kind of stylish look. The great news about such a coat is that it you can wear it over a suit and jeans. This shows how the coat is versatile, both the person who is going to the office and another one going for a date can use the same coat. The coat is a good insulator and traps heat inside which you the wearer keep warm during the cold season. A popular look for men is a coat over wool pants, a front button shirt, and a pullover. This is the classic, stylish look. Celebrities use camel coats to show to the world how they are glamorous in their style and fashion.

Improve Your Style with a Camel Coat

Women are ardent fans of such clothing. The camel coat brings out the star enchanting and sophisticated look in a woman. Most prefer the full-length coat and an accessory for example a scarf is added to complete the look. The coat is easy to wear and has a wide range of styles that can match with it. Another great style is getting one that is slim fitting and it is knee length. The coat heightens the appearance of a woman with ease, it is not like the fastidious work you have to do with makeup in order to bring out the beauty in her.
The coat does not have a wide range of the rainbow colors, but it is available in many neutral colors. This is because the source of the hair is a camel and it does not have very many colors. The best colors are beige, golden tan and caramel-y. The design of the coat is what differs from most of them. Part of the reason that camel coat is soft is because of the hair is made from the underbelly of the camel. Camels shed about 2 kg of hairs per season. The camel is saved, then the hair is cleaned before it is woven into a cloth.

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